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Special highlights of the DRS2012:Bangkok Conference include 5 design exhibitions at the Maha Chulalongkorn Building, Chulalongkorn University, 1-4 July, 2012.

Design Exhibition at DRS2012:Bangkok

1 ‘A Sonata in Thai Silk’
by Wichai Lailawitmongkhol (Exhibition Gallery Rm. 213)
2 ‘GAP the Mind 2’
by Be Takerng Pattanopas, Treborikki and Preeda Intha (Maha Chulalongkorn Yard
3 ‘Emergent Design landscape’
by Gaia Scagnetti and Treborikki (Main Hall)
4 ‘In between’
by Saran Yenpanya (Exhibition Gallery Rm. 212
5 Degree Show by Universities in Thailand
(Exhibition Gallery Rm. 212)

‘A sonata in Thai Silk’

by Wichai Lailawitmongkhol

(Exhibition Gallery Rm. 213)

A Sonata in Thai Silk’ by Wichai Lailawitmongkhol

‘A sonata in Thai Silk’ exhibition comprises a collection of truly sustainable Thai Silk, developed in ‘Hong Hae’ village, a tiny village of silk producers and weavers in Roi-Et province, North-East Thailand. Wichai has been teaching a group of village women the techniques of the ancient art of silk making. He realized that revitalizing the crafts of dying and weaving can provide immense value to the inhabitants. In the past, most men used to leave the village to go to Bangkok because there were no other jobs available in these areas. By introducing new advanced skills to the woman left behind in the villages, Wichai is providing a new means of employment. While the women already have basic weaving and dying skills, Wichai is teaching them more intricate and advanced techniques in order to bring their silk works to the attention of a larger and maybe international market. These skilled families now have a more profound knowledge which they can in turn transmit to the others in their village. The silk is indeed a indigenous craft that retain its traditional origin, using wholly natural dye under constraints of local and seasonal vegetative colors. Structural weaving design is given emphasis on tactility in wear, not heat conducting, not easily wrinkled, not as shiny as synthetics. The fabric is outstandingly highlighted by interweaving shades of color in the same scheme. Many weaves offer two sided usage. The products have been displayed at trade fairs around the world and also used in the TV series Tirajchao Jom Siam, to celebrate King Rama V.


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‘GAP the Mind 2’

by Be Takerng Pattanopas in collaboration with Treborikki and Preeda Intha

(Maha Chulalongkorn Yard)

 ‘GAP the Mind 2’ by Be Takerng Pattanopas in collaboration with Treborikki and Preeda Intha

Originally commissioned by the Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority [URA], for the biennial light art festival, i Light Marina Bay, March 2012, this second edition of the mixed media, light, and sound installation, was conceived specifically for the site on the premises within Bangkok where everything seems to be ridiculously colour-coded. That is why the installation is now white.

The original installation comprised 15 saffron-coloured readymade Glods (Buddhist monk ‘umbrella’ shelters), which were complemented by subtle lighting and recorded sound, both activated by passersby and the occasionally gusty winds of Singapore’s Marina Bay. Situated before the heart of the bay—the global financial institutions' skyscrapers looming over the neighboring Marina Bay Financial Centre. GAP the Mind humbly defied an intimidating financial ‘forest’ by providing viewers a starkly alternative respite. In creating such a multi-sensory experience, the installation acted as a platform for viewers to embark on a journey—no matter how fleeting—of quiet self reflection.


Text: Adapted from the writing by Dr. Gregory Galligan of the Thai Art Archive.
Photos: Apon Mai Palanuwech and Peerawich Pothiwong
Video and sounds: Treborikki


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‘Emergent Design landscape’

by Gaia Scagnetti and Treborikki

(Main Hall)

Emergent Design landscape by Gaia Scagnetti and Treborikki

The installation Emergent Design Landscape is an interactive piece designed to reveal the state of the art of Design discipline at the time of DRS2012 conference. Mixing information visualization and sound design it offers to the conference delegates a platform for highlighting the relevance of their research in the design discipline landscape. The interaction with the user will modify the physical structure of the piece and reveal more information about design research and design practices.

Information Visualization is used in the context of objectification, where the information is displayed in a three dimensional structure. The result is a landscape of design disciplines and their configuration; the conference delegates and attendees are invited to physically interact with the map and position themselves in this landscape to generate a participatory emergent visual collection of their design practices. The interaction between the audience and the landscape would not only be limited to a visual response but will generate a sound feedback. The use of information visualization becomes relevant due to the involvement of a sound component. The recording and looping of the different sounds made by each pieces of the landscape creates a soundscape that would complete the piece. The soundscape quantifies and qualifies the interactions between designers and design disciplines -audience and landscape.


Built in collaboration with Kitinun Chantanavorakulchai;
with the help of Apon Mai Palanuwech, Karit Vichaithanaruks, Kanyaphorn Kaewprasert, Kornkamon Kaewprasert, Pariphat Sinma and Yothsaran Rermraksakul


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‘In between’

by Saran Yenpanya

(Exhibition Gallery Rm. 212)

In between by Saran Yenpanya

‘In between’ is an installation design, focusing on creating an object that tells a story and upholstery patterns. This part is also a critic on what is considered “high” and “low” in both sociological aspect and design. Combining mass-produced household objects and plastic items with rich elements, the installation sarcastically illustrates and questions what society’s indoctrination is really built on.


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‘Degree Show’

by Universities in Thailand

(Exhibition Gallery Rm. 212)

Chulalongkorn University
Chiangmai University
Kasetsart University
Mahidol University
King Mongkut's University of Technology Lardkrabang
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
Silpakorn University

Sponsored by AEGON, เมืองไทยประกันภัย


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